INTOWAY is a company specialized in multi-channel data collection (web, app and on site).

We offer B2B services including on-site feedback collection for Customer Satisfaction e user contact collection through the use of questionnaires, web forms and interactive, custom made tablets, suitable and developed for prolonged use.

What characterizes this product is the particular focus for the simple use it in such a way that the user who leaves the information does so simple and fun, on the other hand our client can only concentrate about what's actually important.


I realized the software needed to allows the automatic printing of customized pictures just taken with a mobile device, and coordinated the creation of the case containing all the hardware.

This product is available for sale for company events and private events.

Fitet Unofficial

Fitet Unofficial is an app for mobile devices created to speed up access to the data relating to the Italian table tennis federation.

Through this application players can consult all the information present on the official website but in a simpler and faster way. In addition the application it offers numerous additional features that all fans of the sport will love.

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Outpump (Android version)

I have developed the Android version of the Outpump app, the top 10 news app.

The design and all the specifications has been provided by the client.

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DrawChat Mobile

DrawChat is a messaging application for iOS and Android devices that allows you to communicate with whoever you want, like a normal communication app, through small drawings.

These sketches can be created directly in-app using the simple ones drawing tools offered, in this way communication becomes personal giving life of messages that would instead be inanimate.

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Cleantracker AI

The company Optiqo Sweden AB has assigned me the development of a mobile application that permits to control the cleaning quality of the environments by scanning them through the devices camera and a particular algorithm that detects the cleaning status. The application is available on the stores with an annual or monthly subscription.

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LineTime allows you to create Timelines like your brand history, your love life or any other events happened in the past and in the future.

Type a Title, Add Events, Type a Description, Add Pictures and then save or print as PDF the Timeline created.


A company from Milan chose me for the development of the E-GO! application. All coordinated in a team including: design, marketing and project manager.

The application was developed in Flutter for iOS, Android devices and web.

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Circuit Training Workout - HIIT

Circuit Training is a fitness application that allows you to create circuits training guided by a voice.

In this way, the training proceeds completely independently from the device. Just start your workout and your voice will guide you throughout your workout.

The application is designed in a simple and minimal way in such a way that all functionalities are intuitive with a modern and pleasant interface.

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Billy - Money Manager

Billy is a new, faster and very simple app to keep in order your bills and your multiple bank accounts.

Stop to high cost subscription or to very high expensive app, with our app you'll pay only a coffee to support our team and you can use it forever!


A German-based company commissioned me to develop their official user management application.

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Portal - Alcles

On behalf of a spanish company, I have developed an application with video playback capabilities, in particular VR type, for people with psychological problems. The interface was created entirely by the company and subsequently developed by me. The app was released on the stores available for download.

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More coming soon